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Mar Qaroll

I am a storyteller, dreamer, deviant, weaver, and wonderer. I consider myself to be a genuine introvert, especially by today's standards, and an advocate for the taboo, devious, diverse, the fuckers and weirdos, associate closely with INTJs and INFJs, and am an asexual, panromantic transmasculine man assigned female at birth.

A lifeblood of storytelling

I cannot imagine a life without the art of writing. It is what keeps me alive, keeps me going, every single moment of every day.

Originally a lifelong fanfiction writer, I only started taking writing my own writing seriously in 2017 and I can't imagine doing anything else. As of 2020, I have eight stories under my belt and am publishing two online!

Because of my unique need to tell stories, I do not find satisfaction in simply writing or completing a story. I must tell the story to someone, anyone willing to listen. It is a desire that has often left me alone and depressed, yet here I am.

I also blog my personal life, and you can access my blog through Blogger. My original work can be read on Royal Road and Campfire Writing!

A Dark Side

The Sinful Drug

❝My stories are in worlds. These worlds have illicit, shocking, and unforgivable things happen in them just as they do in ours. That is brutal realism, no matter the genre of written work.❞

Unfiltered opinions

True opinions are hard to find nowadays. I don't take mine back. They change with me as I grow, and I learn from mistakes.


I spent my adolescent life stifled. Because of this, being authentic is something I strive for. You won't find bullshit here. As Mareoquine, I let my unfiltered opinions out while having fun in the world of games and fanfiction.

The truth comes out

I use the internet to voice my real opinions. They may annoy and anger people, but I feel the truth must come out.

A Spiritual SIde

One Hollows' Eve

Spirituality and religion are touchy subjects for me. Yet, I desire some form of "inner peace". As OHE, I explore the methods for finding that matter where it may be.

A dark past

For 18 years, I was raised under a religion I did not believe in. Even as a child, I knew it was not for me. This has somewhat tainted my view on religions, but I hope to explore it.

My roots

African spirituality and Hoodoo are my spiritual interests. Under One Hollows' Eve, I explore myself and my ancestry, one baby step at a time.

The Ultimate Universe

The Paneidoverse is my life's project. The ultimate universe of shared stories tied into a single narration, as told by The One Who Knows...

What is PNDVS?

A project that began from a 13-year-old's mind...

  1. A universe spanning 43 unique, intertwining stories as of 2021!

  1. A one-of-a-kind, mature storytelling project for adults!

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